Jan 28, 2009

Day 2 - Still in Love with Glass

I still love glass - but is that a surprise? Naaaaaaw......

This is just a brief update regarding current projects - I've been invited by a local, boutique winery to create lampwork necklaces from their used wine bottles. They'll show - and sell - the necklaces in their Visitor Center. I've decided to prepare 4 necklaces and a stained glass display box. I'm in the middle of this project so no photos of it yet, but I'm adding a photo of some beads I made from another wine bottle. I started making beads from bottles with ecology in mind - there is so much glass around, I believe it would be criminal not to recycle it. And what better way than to turn it in to durable, wearable, beautiful art?!

Have you noticed? It seems like most wine bottles come in different colors. The beads in the photo that I'm adding to the blog are from a very dark bottle and decorated with a bit of paladium leaf. From now on, when you buy wine, don't just look at the price or the wine, take a look at the color of the bottle, too!

Are you interested in lampworking with old bottles? Let me know and I'll post some tips and tricks. Harvesting the glass is a big part of the effort, so you need to be prepared to invest some time.

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Simone Alencar said...

Boa tarde, Cecília. Não me canço de ver teus trabalhos.Você é muito inteligente!

Good afternoon, Cecilia. I never tire of seeing your work. You are very smart!

Simone Alencar