Feb 8, 2009

Seeing Stars....

Yes, I do windows. And that's not my response to the Global Recession (better known as GR..., brought to us by way of that big state of Texas...). I hate cleaning windows. I love making windows.

For a while I was a full time artist, but with this GR thing I've gone back to working for someone else at least part time. (Yes, boss, I love you and I appreciate my job. I promise).

So today I'm bringing you one of my new window panels. These are installed in my house, in the entrance. Unfortunately it's not a place that gets a lot of light but they are colorful and I love them. Like all my glass art, these are OOAK (that's one-of-a-kind for you non-eBAY folks) and eventually there will be 6. Currently, top panel is a Star of David and the second panel is our house number (no, I'm not dsylexic - you're seeing it from the inside).

The next panel made will be a GOAT, in honor of our love of goats and my eldest son's job as a goatherd.

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jackiesdesigns said...

I love the windows, can't wait to come and see them for real.