Mar 12, 2009

And Delphi makes 5

I've done it, what I said I wouldn't do again - I've opened another store on the Internet. What's really different about this one is that you can list things that you don't want to sell. Things that you just want to show off.

My new shop -

If you sign up for Delphi (which is a great glass supply store, by the way....) you can vote for your favorite creations. I don't know that winning means anything, or even if they'll let us know if anyone voted for us. I think that most of the people who visit the site are still glass artists. But for those of you who are not glass artists but love glass art, now is the time to visit!

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Delphi Glass said...

Thanks for being part of the Delphi Artist Gallery. Delphi's having its annual online Art Glass Festival and art competition. This will be our 18th year celebrating Art Glass Month with a competition, and winners do receive prizes. Last year they picked a winner from every category and then a People's Choice Award. The winners last year received tools, glass packs or gift certificates. By posting your art to the gallery you're automatically included in the competition, though you can opt out if you want. They only let you vote once, but you can change your vote as many times as you want. Voting ends March 31st and winners are announced in April. Good luck!