Nov 18, 2009

I'm so excited....

Hi there!  Everything seems to be taking off at once - new students, new writing, lots of sales and, best of all, new friends!  This Saturday I'll be hosting Yael from PazzaPazza, a wonderfully talented textile artist from "up north." Of course, almost everywhere in Israel is UP NORTH from us, since we're near Beer Sheva.  I'm really looking forward to her visit.

Are you an artist in Israel? An artist from somewhere else but visiting in Israel?  Let's do some networking - email me at and let's make a date!  Romantics need not apply (I'm taken, taken, taken!!) but creatives who love to shmooz about materials, techniques, supplies, inspiration are very welcome. 


Yael said...

Yes, my husband and I yesterday went to visit Cecilia, who lives south in Israel in the Negev dessert in a small place in the middle of the stunning Yatir forest, which is the biggest man planted forest in Israel.
This visit was nothing but pure joy! Cecilia is a wonderful, energetic, beautiful women with a big and warm heart and a lovely smile. She is very outgoing and eager to please and she has so much to give and she gives it freely. She explained to us her glass art, which is marvelous. She showed us her two studios, she has one for making lamp work beads and one for putting together her so pretty vitrage pieces. She prepared lunch for us, which she said is something simple, but believe me it was delicious! And THEN, after lunch she gave me a mini workshop in lamp work bead making! I made four beads (with a little help, that she is always eager to give), I was thrilled!
It was a most wonderful enjoyable day - I have a new friend and I am already looking forward to meeting her again.
Thank you so much Cecilia!!!!! Yael.

Cec said...

It was great day for all of us. Yael is so creative and talented and made some very pretty beads! She is also a great baker - she brought home-made bread and a great cake, which my son loved much more than my pasta :-)

Thanks so much for the visit!!

jackiesdesigns said...

Cecilia my dear, you are a wonderful host, I love coming to visit you and David. Looks like we'll get to see each other at JL.....closer to me than you.