Jun 20, 2009

Almost Done.... renovations are a pain in the.....

OOPS - we're in the middle of renovations and the crew left the doors and windows wide open when they went to lunch. What you see here is my beloved's chair. Obviously, we had visitors. Everywhere. This was just a tad more irksome than when the guys left the lid off the sugar canister on the kitchen counter top, after making themselves coffee. Smaller visitors then, but lots more.

So here we are, one month after we start our "10 day" renovation plan. Not done yet but REALLY almost done. Most of the work left is mine, since we decided to try and save money by having me do all the painting. And cleaning. Although the crew did try to work clean, the plastic tarps didn't really do the job and we are left with a layer of dust that you can almost cross-country ski on. In spite of sounding irritable (yes, I know what I sound like) I smile every time I see the progress. It is SO EXCITING!

To try and show some of that progress, here are some before and after photos....

the new bathroom door (this was a solid wall, before.... )
Installing spotlights around the room to provide strong light when working....

And just so you don't think it's all fun and games, here is some of what I get to clean up!

Next set of photos should show my new studio FINISHED!! Watch this space for inspiration :-)

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