May 21, 2009

Renovations - We're on our way!!

On Tuesday I had a 6x10 ft balcony as my only studio space and BANG! from 9am on Wednesday, things really started happening here!

1. This used to be a narrow guest bathroom (toilet on the far end). We (and I use the term "we" loosely, because I'm hiding upstairs in my office while a bunch of young guys do all the work with some really macho, loud tools) cut out the back wall of the bathroom, removed all the plumbing fixtures and tiles and bathroom door and back window. You can see that it leads right into my balcony studio. Right behind the head of our "shiputznik" (which is Hebrew for a person, usually a guy person, who knows how to fix things) you can see another entry. That was a wall, before. Now it will be a door to another guest toilet. You've got it right - this house had too many bathrooms.

2. This used to be the extra-narrow entrance to a dark, unused bedroom. The door, which we ripped out along with a lot of the wall, used to face the door to the guest bathroom that we demolished. Inside this room is yet another door which leads to the new guest bathroom. The old door will be turned into a display niche. (I realize this might be getting confusing.) This bedroom was never slept in - we stored all our junk in it. You've guessed it - this house had too many bedrooms, too. How lucky that I need more studio space!

3. This is a hole in the wall. A new hole in the wall, that will become a stained glass window that will bring beautiful light into my new teaching studio. Because the light outside is so bright, it makes the room appear still dark and dank but believe me, it is now light-filled and cheerful and will be a great working space.

Eventually all these areas will become one space - an enclosed balcony where I do lampwork, a corridor leading from the balcony, with a guest bathroom and some display space, to a stained glass studio with special lighting, special display, and an amazing storage rack for all my glass and beads. Check back periodically to see more photos. The shiputznik (see #1) says that it will be done in 2 weeks. In Israel? Hard to believe, but I live in hope!

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CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Good luck with your remodeling...sounds almost like fun:)