Apr 3, 2010

The Anim Ruins - and Israel in Spring

Here is your chance to discover Israel in her Spring glory!  Our region is just north (and above) of one of Israel's greatest deserts, the Negev.  We are considered southern Hebron hills, northern Negev, and the Judean Desert (talk about a split personality!).  So take a minute or two to dispose of your preconceptions of what Israel looks like; take a short visit with me through the Anim ruins, only 15 minutes walk from my front door.  The YouTube caption includes some information about the area and its history.


Yael said...

This is lovely Cec! We have to visit there together!

jackiesdesigns said...

I enjoyed the video, it looked like a lovely day.

frecklepatchdesign said...

I long to be there with you! SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!