Apr 19, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Ah, how much Israel has changed in the 30 years that I have lived here...  gone are the days of thinking that a hot date meant drinking orangeade at the corner shop.  Gone, the days of junk carts in Jerusalem, pulled by camels or donkeys.  Gone are the miles and miles of citrus orchards...  But still, for 62, the country is looking good.  We'll always be a little less modern than our Western cousins, but onward we march, towards the first world.....  enjoy this clip from Kobi Oz, celebrating modern Israel!

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Yael said...

Hi Cec, this video clip is so nice, Uri and I really enjoyed watching it! And you are right, many things have changed in the last thirty years, I could easily add to the bad list! But there have been also good changes, like no waiting list for getting a telephone installed, no smoking anymore in supermarkets and buses, AND you can buy NIVEA at the Super Pharm and PAMPERS everywhere!! :-) And what about the inflation? You remember that butter and bread had each day another price?
And to think, that we are both this long here and met each other just some months ago! What a pity!
Oh, okay, glass half full - how wonderful that we met!
Happy Jom Azmaut to you and David too!