Jun 30, 2010

My eyes are bugging out... I'm turning into a computer frog!

Writing a book is a long haul - harder than I expected!  After all, I'm following that cool rule, write what you know, so it should just flow, right?


I guess the first issue is that I want everything to be word perfect (and I'm not talking about the computer program that everyone has forgotten).  The next is that I want the projects to be stunning, yet do-able for newbies.  And the most important is that the photos have to be striking, stand up and shout pictures.  Thank you, Nataly, the most talented, wonderful photographer on earth!

See what I mean?  She makes my work look so good!!

Technology is a wonderful thing but it's hard to spend 16 hours a day at the computer, either writing, rewriting, reviewing photographs or uploading them to the publisher in the US. (OK, or checking out CNN, People and Dilbert.) To meet my photo delivery deadlines, I had to get up every few hours at night for about 2 weeks upload a few more photos.  Every once in a while the ftp transfer would time out and I'd have to start the batch all over again.  Oh joy, oh agony - it's like having a baby all over again, but without the diapers!

Still, I wouldn't miss this for the world - it is the most amazing experience.  In fact, I have a huge list of potential books just waiting for me to delve into.  Combining writing (a life-long love) with glass art (my passion) is a dream come true.  It's true that I'm in the studio less - at the moment - but it still feels like the perfect life!



Yael said...

Oh Cec, believe me I am proud of you!
I just know this book will be great!
The picture your photographer Nataly took from your necklace is superb! And the beads are as well of course!

veroque said...

Wow! The picture is truly wonderful and I can't wait to see that book, I'm sure it would be perfect:)