Aug 18, 2010

Is it me, or is it hot in here?

And more importantly, could I get some Swedes to pay to experience this?  I am wearing the minimum (meaning, I'd be arrested in the street dressed like this), sitting in front of a breezy window, and totally bathed in sweat.  I often consol myself during the summers with the idea that Swedes pay to bake in saunas, so it must be good for you, and, hey, I get to sweat for free! (I kind of like how the pay and hey rhyme - that tells you, right there, how crazy this weather has made me... will it ever end?  And when it does, will I return to normal or be crazy forever??)

I tried to take a picture of me sweating for this post but I just look like a convicted felon. Maybe a chain gang member, in the swamps of somewhere hot and sticky.  I'm not sure if it's my wrinkles, my gray hair, the look of desperation in my eyes as my sight is obscured by yet another floodlet of sweat... I think that might be my grandmother in the mirror, except I can't remember either of my grandmothers mentioning sweat, ever.  It was probably a forbidden subject, 40 years ago, for "ladies;" both of my grandmothers were assuredly ladies.  And I was a immature 12 year old, who probably didn't even have sweat glands yet.  (sweat... yet.... ha!)

[Caption 1]  It's too hot to focus on anything!
[Caption 2]  Some of us look better blurry!

Take your pick :-)

1 comment:

Yael said...

Hi Cec, I guess you will return to normal and not stay crazy forever!
I will check on you in about two or three months!!