May 2, 2009

Magical Stained Glass Carpet?

You can't walk on it - and it doesn't fly - but it does make a nice hanging. Here is my latest project, which we installed in the home of a very nice family in Jerusalem yesterday. (and yes, I would think they were nice even if they didn't like glass art!)

The combination of 3 panels has more than 300 pieces, about 260 of which are in the outer border. The center panels have a lot of mirror which reflects the family portraits displayed on the opposite wall.

The piece was created specifically for this niche and the design was a joint effort between myself and the client (posing below with her new glass art). The design details were all worked out by email (lots of email), and I hope that the home owners are as pleased with the results as I am!

A special thanks to David, my beloved, for not only driving me back and forth but for standing on the ladder and holding everything in place - exactly in place - as I added the clips and screws that hold this wonder to the wall. Transporting it was nerve-wracking because of the shape (very breakable) .

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